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Accounting and Finance

Accounting can affect the survival of any organization, and its importance cannot be under-estimated. With the rise of the outsourcing industry, more and more companies today opt for professional business consulting services, with accounting and financial counseling being one of the most outsourced business processes worldwide. Not surprisingly, more than 80% of companies that have outsourced accounting claim to have better performance and are likely to recommend their accountants.

Acquérant has invaluable experience in a range of aspects of accounting advisory, from financial reporting to more specialized accounting services. We strive to bring simplicity and clarity at every step of our work process.

Financial and Management Reporting

As financial reporting is done for both internal and external use, compliance with state regulations and standards becomes of paramount importance. We do not only offer you fast and quality reporting and data collection, but also our analytical approach and up-to-date reporting systems for the timely delivery of information and data-driven decisions.View more »

Due Diligence and Auditing

Any strategic decision requires investigative analysis of all relevant reports and indicators, as well as an accurate assessment of the risks associated with it. We will make sure to uncover the potential financial risks and other deal-breaker factors for you. This will include a review of financial projections, capital expenditures, cash flow generators, employment issues, and other elements. View more »

Financial Research and Advice

Acquérant consulting team aims to give clients valuable insight into financial reports, analysis, and various procedures that lead to a deeper understanding of the current performance of the business. This type of service includes a financial ratio analysis, financial modelling, financial statement analysis, preparation of financial plan and reports, equity analysis, and others.View more »

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