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Statistical Consulting

The use of data science and applied statistics have become common practice for entrepreneurs and business managers responsible for making crucial decisions in the face of uncertainty. Today, with increasing access to big data, businesses can solve real-world problems through data visualization and analysis.

Acquérant’s team of statisticians has practical knowledge and years of experience in the myriad of areas including business, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, media, and others. We also specialize in the use of data analysis in clinical trials and drug development processes overall.

Acquérant is providing biostatistics and quality assurance for clinical research, and our team has extensive expertise with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Alkaloid AD Skopje, and Cebis International SRL. Our leading professionals have over 20 years of experience in the field, and during these years they have worked on projects for EU and US markets. Our scientists have numerous publications and patents approved in the US.

Our team of biostatisticians and statistical programmers is ready to apply their expertise to help you push the boundaries of science with every project and turn data into actionable insights. From trial design to data management and monitoring, from data analysis to clinical trial reports, professionalism and insightful decisions are the key
to winning products, a well-established position on the market, and a competitive edge.

Statistical Consulting for Business

Acquérant provides quantitative and qualitative data analysis and data management. This includes the measurement, collection, and analysis of both numerical and non-numerical data using various statistical and mathematical methods. We ensure reliability, accessibility, timeliness, integrity, privacy, and security of the data through meticulously acquiring, storing, validating, and protecting vast quantities of data valuable for our clients.View more »

Statistical Consulting for Marketing

At Acquérant, we conduct performance evaluations based on business and market analysis. Whether you need to measure financial indicators of your business or non-financial metrics, we will ensure accurate and precise assessment, as well as participation in the evaluation and reporting processes. We also apply statistical analysis for market research purposes, as it gives our clients valuable insights into relevant market trends greatly affecting their business strategy.View more »

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